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Wire Tutorial for Woodforest Bank – Bank Log Cashout

Wire Tutorial for Woodforest Bank

The famous bank carding you have been hearing of, today in this guide I will teach you wire tutorial for Woodforest bank. In the end you will be able to know how to cahs out any bank logs. Although some banks use to be a little stubborn but based on a request I will continually be updating articles on those tough notch banks too.

I assume you already have a knowledge of bank carding by now, all still revolve around the same system of carding. No much change

So to do bank carding you will need a burner phone number, email address, and bank logs which you can get on the dark web markets or some legit shit telegram carding group LOL.

Woodforest Bank Wire Tutorial

It pretty simple, all u have to do is to buy a Woodforest log with balance (balance depends on how much u want to transfer)

  • You will first change the phone number on file to ur own phone number ( an alert will be sent to email address so u just login email and delete it)
  • After that, you call the Woodforest customer care with your phone number which u used to attach and tell them u want to do wire,
  • They will send an advanced access code to the email attached, u give the customer care lady the access code and they initiate the wire for you.
  • Be sure that half of the money will be credited ASAP and the rest will be credited to you the following day. No need to panic
  • The victim of the account ( owner)  is given up to 30 mins to chargeback the funds, if he doesn’t see it then he does prepare money is gone for good.

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Enjoy your cash fellas…. Don’t forget to share and like my post.

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