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Learn Straight Talk Carding Method 2020 Guide

Straight Talk Carding Method 2020

But nowadays, people card things using people’s cards and buying them for themselves self’s… And that’s exactly what I am gonna teach you all today…There are many carding methods and different sites to card with, but today I will talk straight talk carding method.

Many of us don’t even know what carding is, though that’s not exactly what i want to talk about today but let’s throw more light on what carding really is…Carding is the process whereby u shop online using cards…

Requirements for Straight Talk Carding Method

1. Credit card CC

2. 911 VPN

3. RDP

4. Laptop

5. Socks 5

Carding Method Using Straight Talk

Firstly, Set your tools ready, connect your VPN to the CC owners’ address, state, and country. Check if your browser ip is leaking at

Secondly, Go here and create an account using the CC name and details.

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Note: Use CC name to create an email account that you will use to create an account.

Thirdly; Add plan like $15 or anyother one u see there.

Fourthly; Choose your preferred item then add to cart. Then proceed to checkout.Fill the billing address and delivery address as same as the CC owners address.

Then after purchase, change the delivery address to another address complaining that it’s your cousin you’re sending it to…Booooommm… It will be delivered to your preferred address or store then your picker can go get it.

Note; Ensure your ip is not leaking and make sure your tools are legit. Don’t just do it but always be prepared with all the necessary tools and maintain correct CC phone number. Don’t go and kill live cc with your rubbish skill. Be guided.

For questions and help you can DM. I can help you cart too… But charges apply or u come let’s work f2f. #Legit

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