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How to Use HMA Pro VPN for Free for 1 Week

How to Use HMA Pro VPN for Free for 1 Week

When looking for a good solid VPN software to make use, HMA pro VPN is one of the best to consider. Most issues we encounter while trying to card HMA pro VPN is that the payment processor makes use of a 3D verification protocol. This makes it very difficult for any carder to card through but don’t worry today I will show you how to Use HMA VPN for Free for one week. You can further extend it if you want to

While I was looking out to order 911 VPN app which is one of the best VPN apps for carding. I found out that I was able to get an HMA pro VPN for one week for free and I decided to share with you guys to also benefit from it.

You can use this method I want to show you how to recycle another week when the first week expires. So now to cut all the long story short this is how to get HMA Pro VPN software for free for one week.

How to Use HMA Pro VPN for Free for 1 Week

To do this we need a fake Gmail account with a billing address already set up. But if you don’t have a billing address set up don’t worry its not an issue.

  • You need to make use of an android phone to access the website.
  • Visit Hidemyass official website here
  • Scroll down the page to see where it say “try out HMA Pro”
  • That’s our shot. Now click on it and proceed to the next page
  • A window will pop up requesting you to add a payment method to your google play account.
  • Add a valid credit card details in there ( debit cards are also accepted)
  • Fill in the billing details if asked or proceed to click on add
  • Automatically if it is successful you will be redirected back to HMA app interface with a success message
  • You will be asked to continue below. Click on Register to sign up for an account with them so you can as well log in in in another place like in your PC.

As simple as that you have gotten your one week HMA pro VPN with full access. Go on and flex your carding. I hope you have the list of cardable sites you can make use of. And hope you know how to card LOL. Well, anything you want to do with it it’s all on you. I hope this article how to use HMA Pro VPN for free worth it. Do well to click the share button thank you

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