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How to Hack Your Friends Facebook Account Easily

How to Hack Facebook Account

Before I begin this article let me say this, please whatever article you see on this website it is strictly for educational purposes. That means I won’t be held responsible for whatever way you apply this tutorial. Let’s continue like I said how to hack your friends FB account, yes you heard me right I will teach you how to hack a Facebook account easily inside this article.

By now you should know that hacking is bad. If you are caught you will go in for it so read and stay safe from getting hacked by some of your folks.

I will show you how to hack the Facebook account and as well teach you how to protect yourself from getting hacked. The two goes the same way you should know that too

In order to hack a Facebook account, we need the following list of item in place

  1. PC or smartphone
  2. Url shortening site
  3. Shadowave site

The three requirements above are all we need to hack whatever facebook account we want in a matter of a few mins. This is how it is done;

How to Hack Facebook Account with

1. The first thing to do is to visit the website

2. Sign up with your fake information on the website

3. After that, you will now see a set of link, copy one of them

4. Head over to bitly to shorten the link because the link is going to belong. (Bitly is a URL shortening website that provides the service of making a long link short and pretty. and this way it further increases the chances of victims clicking the link)

5. Now send the shortened link to your friend. You can force them to log in by deceiving them that there is a new way to earn airtime blah blah blah log in to check

6. As soon as they put in their username and password it will be sent to your account on shadowave

7. Go to and click on victims, there you will see his username and password

Now you have successfully hacked your friends Facebook account as simple as that guys😊

Like I said that I will teach you how to protect yourself from getting hacked

  • Make sure you do not login your Facebook account elsewhere
  • Don’t click on any link you think is suspicious in the eye
  • When you finish making use of your Facebook account on a third-party device, make sure to log out every active session.
  • Always endeavor you add your email and mobile phone to your facebook account. This way you can increase the chance of getting your account back in case it got hacked.
  • Don’t forget to add trusted Facebook friends in your account

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How to Retrieve Hacked Facebook Account

Follow the following steps I am about to show you how to recover a hacked FB account.

  • Immediately you notice any unusual attempt in your Facebook account, the first thing to do is to quickly change your password and update your security information
  • Click on the forgotten password link to begin the Facebook recovery process
  • Enter the exact phone number or email address attached to your account to locate your account.

  • Most times you will be lucky enough to regain access to your account when you log in with the same device you mostly access your Facebook account with

I hope this helps in a way, if you need help recovering your hacked Facebook account you are free to contact us. We can take it from there.

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Like I said this article how to hack a Facebook account is for educational purposes. So be mindful of the kind of links you click from your phone especially in WhatsApp group chats. don’t forget to share and as well click the subscribe button

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