How to Get Verified Badge on Instagram without Having 10K Followers

How to Get Verified Badge on Instagram

A lot of people often search the internet on how to get verified Instagram badge. Well in view of this I decided to make this post to show you how you can get the verified badge on Instagram for your profile.

This will help you stand out from the crowd as you will have a kind of VIP icon added to your profile.

That said already, Instagram verified badge helps in many ways as I said earlier, it makes you stand out from the crowd. And it also makes you some money from Instagram if you know what you are doing. It also gains you a lot of followers owing to the benefit you have the badge on your profile. You can also help people promote their products on IG and make a couple of bucks.

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Can You Buy a Verified Badge on Instagram

Hello, no way you can buy a verified badge on Instagram, you have to earn by having approximately 10,000 followers as Instagram requires.

Then you are good to go on with applying for the verified badge, but that doesn’t end there, like the title of this post say, I will show you an approach to get this verified badge on Instagram without having to have up to 10, 000 followers. Just follow my below guidelines to get started;

How to Get a Verified Badge on Instagram

Getting an instagram badge it’s not difficult hen you strictly follow the guidelines below, you will be able to get your Instagram to handle with a badge. Right let’s get on it no

  • Go over to the app store and download¬† “BETTERNET VPN” It’s absolutely free to download and works best for this tutorial.
  • Launch your betternet VPN app and stat 7 days free trial on the ap as a first time user. Or you can google search lucky app patcher and use it to patch the VPN license.
  • Once you finish that, go ahead to click the button under the CONNECT button to choose the country of choice. Then choose and connect to Australia
  • Once you are connected, close all active Instagram app and reopen again And heads up to the Instagram settings page. Now you should be able to see the feature for “Request verification” there.
  • Click on it to start to go over the verification page. You will be required to upload a valid means of identification ID card according to your country of reservation. Before that have it in mind that the IG app must be up to date before carrying this tutorial.

Now you are done as simple as that. So that it on how to get a verified badge on Instagram. Thanks for reading if you encounter any issue do well to leave a message below.

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