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How To Get Free Steam Keys – Free Steam Keys 2020

How To Get Free Steam Keys

We all know what gaming keys are, and if you don’t then you won’t be on this page. So I assume you do and I am going to show you how to get a free steam key that you can use for your gaming escapades. Just like I have talked about Eneba website review. It is actually a place where you can purchase e gift cards of any game keys with your credit cards. In as much to that, I also showed you guys how to card gift cards and gaming keys of any kind from Eneba website.

Now I am going to show you how to create your own free steam keys that you can make use of anywhere. I know how impossibility you may think I am sounding but I bet you what you don’t know is actually bigger than you. Lets get to it ASAP. Below is the instructions to follow to get your free steam keys 2020

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Free Steam Keys 2020 Requirements

Here we need to get some requirements down in order to make our own steam keys. How do we do that? Take a look and download the various tools recommended below and we are good to go

  1. We need a browser like Chrome will do. Accompanied by a download manager like internet manager since we will be downloading our main steam generator files from a file hosting service. And making use of third-party software is always advisable
  2. A VPN app. This is recommended just like when carding in order to trick the steam website by showing a virtual location to them.
  3. And your sense and together with this post. Let’s proceed

How To Get Free Steam Keys

First, go over here and download steam keys rar file from here 

Step 1: Start-Up SteamKeyGen.exe And Put In How Many Keys You Would Like To Generate.

The Keys Will Be Saved To Your Desktop As A .txt File.

Step 2: Load Up SteamBulkActivator.exe And Paste In Your Keys That You Have Just Generated.

Click The Register Keys Button And The Keys Will Be Scanned.

Once The Keys Have Been Scanned, It Will Show You The Valid Keys!

Step 3: Go To Steam And Activate Your Keys!

Use A VPN As You Will Get An Error Every 20 Keys Saying “Too Many Activation Attempts, Please Try Again Later.If You Use A VPN, This Error Will Not Occur

MediaFire (
MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.

Done. As simple as that…

That is it on how to get free steam keys that you can make use of anywhere. Make sure you read the whole of this article especially the how to get the free steam key aspect. Thank me later and dont forget to let me know if you encounter an error.

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