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How To Create Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) – Carding with RDP

How To Create Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Greetings loaders, In my group chat I promised you guys that I will show you how to get a free RDP and do your carding successfully. Click here to join my telegram channel but instead, I want to teach you how to create your own RDP, and for those new ones who don’t know what is, you’re welcome here. Do you have RDP but don’t know how to connect or how and when to use it? I got your back right today. Let’s proceed.

What is RDP?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) was developed by Microsoft which gives graphical interface and is used to connect to another computer.

The servers of RDP are built into the windows processing unit. It is officially currently referred to as Remote Desktop connection by Microsoft. Read more about RDP here.

RDP is very important when you’re carting items online and any other thing that entails you use someone’s details. Perhaps when working with bank logs or doing a CC top-up RDP is the best tool that can be used over VPN software. Why? With the reason being that the RDP connection is directly telling the website (be it a bank or carding website) that you are actually the real owner of the card or the bank account logs. Let’s proceed with how to create this RDP.

Steps to Create RDP Connection for Carding

Step 1 – Go here

Step 2 – Create a new account using your email
Step 3 – Use Sepa as payment method.
Step 4: Then go here you will find the IBAN
Step 5: Then go here, then paste the IBAN there.
Step 6: You will have to check if the IBAN is valid or invalid
Step 7: Then paste it at the Scalaway then you click continue.
Step 8: Now you will have access to the panel
Step 9: Use your phone number and email to confirm it’s you
Step 10: Done. Create your RDP.

Thats it on how to get a free RDP for now. Next will be how to set up your RDP. If you’re hooked up on creating the RDP… Inbox me now.

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